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Householding - friends living well together
Communities Magazine: Elders 
2nd-Dec-2010 02:12 pm

The latest issue of Communities  magazine is now in print.  Do you have elders in your household? 


Our new Communities issue on Elders is on its way to subscribers and in stores now. You can subscribe now or order a sample copy and we'll ship you a copy today!

Communities' Winter issue focuses on Elders. Through personal stories, we learn how community in its various forms can improve the lives of elders, how elders can contribute to their communities, and the unique challenges and rewards of elderhood. Our authors share well-earned elder wisdom, celebrate the lives of several recently-passed elders, explore different options for growing
older in community, and touch on a wide range of other topics, from urban kibbutzim to effective meeting skills. We hope you enjoy the issue!


A selection of articles from our new issue are posted at

It Takes a Community to Grow an Elder
by Rebecca Dale

After confronting an identity crisis worthy of adolescence, a 65-year-old
a new home in community and discovers that elderhood is a blessing, not a


Elderhood, In and Out of Community
by Dianne G. Brause

A disenchanted community founder leaves her group, and finds that her
hometown farming community and international travel and service better
match her
vision of honorable elderhood.



Further Thoughts on a Community's Changes
by Dianne G. Brause & Marc Tobin

This companion piece to Elderhood, In and Out of Community gives further
reflections from community members.


Also in This Issue

    * Note from the Editor Getting Elder All the Time - by Chris Roth
    * On Becoming Elders - by Arjuna da Silva
    * And I Listen: Staying connected and building trust when adult
choose the "alternative" lifestyle of living in community - by Victoria
    * Remembering Jane Owen: New Harmony's Joyful Elder - by Nancy Roth
    * Snapshots of Elders... The Beauty and Bounty of Aging Within
Community -
by Niann Emerson Chase
    * The Elder and the Community: Perspectives from Sao Paulo - by
Beatriz Vera
Pozzi Redko
    * Four Steps to an Elder's Throne - by Understanding Israel
    * Kronus and Crone - by Isis Aquarian
    * Aging in Community - by Raines Cohen
    * Definition of an Elder; Elders' Guild
    * Reinventing Retirement and Assisted Living Communities - by Jennifer
Burnham (JaFoo)
    * Green Houses: Providing Humane Care for Elders - by Deborah Altus
    * Remembrances Remembering Fred Lanphear; Remembering Margo Adair
    * Publisher's Note The Passing of a Gentle Warrior for Peace - by
    * Cooperative Group Solutions Eggshells and Stone Walls - by Beatrice
Briggs, Laird Schaub, and Tree Bressen
    * Community Living Worldwide Mish'ol: An Urban Kibbutz - by Bill
    * Reviews The View from #410; Days of Fire and Glory; An
Journey - by Ma'ikwe Schaub Ludwig
    * Group Process Six Traps: How Good Meetings Go Bad - by Beatrice
    * Group Process Poor Minutes Lead to Wasted Hours: Keys to Effective
Notetaking - by Laird Schaub
    * Creating Cooperative Culture Tamar Friedner: Leaving a Legacy of


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