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householding's Journal

Householding - friends living well together
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Living together as a household community
Householding is oriented toward those who live with other unrelated adults and children for whatever reason. A household is not necessarily a commune, though it can be. It is not necessarily a romantic poly cluster, although it can be. It can be adult only, or multigenerational.

This community is oriented toward those who have or still do live in a "unrelated people" household. Here we can share tips, tricks, problem solving, advice, memories, war stories, successes, goofs, disasters, and other things related to our households.

No drama, please.

Glossary (under development)
As many people I know have lived in households, they've come up with terms to describe certain roles, functions and whatnot. So I will try to build a glossary here:
The financial backbone(s) of the household. These the house members with OK credit, signers on leases, and fairly steady incomes.
House account:
The bank account that everyone pays in to, and that the joint bills like rent and utilities are paid out of. Helps to keep personal and household finances separate for the anchors and others. Ideally, an accounting is available to all household members.