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Communities Magazine: Elders 
15th-Jan-2011 01:36 pm

I don't have anything in this issue of Communities, but I thought you might enjoy it anyhow. 


Our latest Communities issue on Elders is proving to be one of our most popular issues. If you haven't seen it yet, get a copy by subscribing now or ordering a sample copy.

We've posted some new articles from our Elders issue on our website and we hope you enjoy them. We encourage you to share these articles with friends and family and spread the concept of community far and wide. Or better yet order them a copy today.

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Articles Featured Online

A selection of articles from our new issue is posted at

And I Listen
Staying connected and building trust when adult children choose the
"alternative" lifestyle of living in community
by Victoria Albright

Howling, shouting, cries of despair, and The Pierced One greet a parent on
first visit to her daughter's adopted community. Luckily, through lots of
talking and listening, things improve.

Chris Roth
Getting Elder All the Time
by Chris Roth

Community can be balm for the discomforts of aging, just as elders wisdom
caring can soothe the growing pains of youth.

It Takes a Community to Grow an Elder
by Rebecca Dale

After confronting an identity crisis worthy of adolescence, a 65-year-old
a new home in community and discovers that elderhood is a blessing, not a

Elderhood, In and Out of Community
by Dianne G. Brause

A disenchanted community founder leaves her group, and finds that her
hometown farming community and international travel and service better
match her
vision of honorable elderhood.

Further Thoughts on a Community's Changes
by Dianne G. Brause & Marc Tobin

This companion piece to Elderhood, In and Out of Community gives further
reflections from community members.

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