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Householding - friends living well together
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Communities magazine is seeking articles on spirituality in communal living. This market doesn't pay in cash but does provide several comp copies or a year's subscription, which is nice barter for a short article.

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15th-Jan-2011 01:36 pm - Communities Magazine: Elders

I don't have anything in this issue of Communities, but I thought you might enjoy it anyhow. 


Our latest Communities issue on Elders is proving to be one of our most popular issues. If you haven't seen it yet, get a copy by subscribing now or ordering a sample copy.

We've posted some new articles from our Elders issue on our website and we hope you enjoy them. We encourage you to share these articles with friends and family and spread the concept of community far and wide. Or better yet order them a copy today.
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2nd-Dec-2010 02:12 pm - Communities Magazine: Elders

The latest issue of Communities  magazine is now in print.  Do you have elders in your household? 


Our new Communities issue on Elders is on its way to subscribers and in stores now. You can subscribe now or order a sample copy and we'll ship you a copy today!

Communities' Winter issue focuses on Elders. Through personal stories, we learn how community in its various forms can improve the lives of elders, how elders can contribute to their communities, and the unique challenges and rewards of elderhood. Our authors share well-earned elder wisdom, celebrate the lives of several recently-passed elders, explore different options for growing
older in community, and touch on a wide range of other topics, from urban kibbutzim to effective meeting skills. We hope you enjoy the issue!
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27th-Nov-2010 02:00 am - "Householding" article is popular
Today I was looking something up on the Communities magazine site, and noticed that my article "Householding" is atop their list of most-read articles.  Cool!  I'm pleased to see people exploring this.
17th-Nov-2010 08:55 pm - New Communities Directory

This resource note crossed my desk today.  It's a guide to intentional communities of all kinds, including householding ones, newly updated.

They've Arrived! Order Yours Today!
The new COMMUNITIES DIRECTORIES have arrived from the printer and
are ready for shipment. If you have already ordered yours it will
ship in the next few days.

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, now is the time. Order your
copy today at a special introductory price - $26!

Sixth Edition Communities Directory
2010; 512 pages; paperbound; 8-1/2x11 inches
published by the Fellowship for Intentional Community

6th-Nov-2010 04:17 pm - How to Find a Community

I enjoyed this post from the FIC.

How to Find and Join an Intentional Community
by McCune Porter, eNews editor
A key component of the non-profit Fellowship's mission is "To
serve as a reference source for those seeking intentional
communities, conferences, and other community building
experiences and practices appropriate to their needs."

One of the most frequently asked questions through our web
contact form at ic.org relates to exactly that part of our
mission, and goes something like this: "I was wondering if you
have some suggestions for me in regards to visiting or joining an
intentional community."


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1st-Nov-2010 02:12 pm - Share Intentional Communities
I got this post from the FIC, which folks might find useful:

Part of the FIC's vision is that community would be available to
all who desire it. And yet, while many people desire more
community in their lives, they don't all know that intentional
communities even exist. I'm sure we could all tell a story of
someone saying "I didn't know communities still existed, I
thought they all fell apart in the 60s." Or you might have met
someone who said "I've been dreaming for years of living a
cooperative life with friends and just now found out that other
people are doing it -- I thought I was alone in that desire?"
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7th-Oct-2010 03:46 pm - Household News: Best Thing
What is the best thing that happened in your household this week?
9th-Sep-2010 02:37 pm - Recent News About Householding?
What news or posts have you seen recently that feature householding or other intentional community topics?
Communities magazine features a variety of topics dealing with intentional community.  The current issue (Fall 2010 #148) has a theme of Power and Empowerment.  Some of the articles have been posted on the website, so now you can read mine there, "Balancing Powers: Leadership and Followship in Community."  I also recommend "More Perspectives on Leadership and Followship: A Response to Elizabeth Barrette" by Ma'ikwe Schaub Ludwig. 

You can read some of my other Communities  articles by visiting my author page.  "Householding: Communal Living on a Small Scale" and "The Richness of Giving" are posted online.
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